Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Little Joys 私の小さな喜び

...and so... i've taken a little time off to do nothing, and it never fails to lift my mood. ^^

here's Nothing Doodle latest collection, My Little Joys 私の小さな喜び , with japanese-inspired doodles on the little things that brings me joy.

the best thing is, you can personalised your cards if you're buying 6 cards & above. here's how it works:

1. pick 4 different things (objects) that makes you happy for each card
2. in the little stick human ( anata あなた) drawing, you can personalised it with the name your special someone.

don't have what you want? list the objects out, and i will draw it for you. :)'s some personalised one:
and while we're at this, i'd appreciate it if you'll drop in my comment or chat box and let me know what are the little things that make you happy (objects only), and help me in giving me more ideas on what to draw!

ありがとう! Thank you! ^^


  1. rainbows, bubbles, snails, flower, teddies, ladybird these things makes me happy :)

  2. Hey The Manni Queen, thank you so much for the ideas! Really appreciate it!!! ^^


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